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Privacy policy: Our privacy policy applies to all personal data you submit to us.

Personal use only: Any material on the sites is strictly for personal use and must not under any circumstance be used by any user for commercial purposes or used in a defamatory or derogatory manner.

Material must not be duplicated in any way for use outside of the sites as this is in breach of international copyright and intellectual property laws in the United States (as law applies) Your warranties regarding uploaded materials (also policy on Intellectual Property)

You warrant that all material you upload to this site: is temporary, intermediate and transient. Is true, accurate and up-to-date (and you agree to maintain it as such at all times); is your own creation/property or that you have consent to upload it to the sites and in all cases that uploading the material does not breach any third party's intellectual property rights; is not defamatory, illegal, unlawful, offensive or discriminatory in any way;has been processed by up-to-date virus-checking software and found to be free of any virus, worm, Trojan or other similar device or effect that alters or may alter the functioning of any of the sites or any computer system at any time.

You agree and understand that its site creator and its platform, is an entity offering the transmission, routing, or providing of connections for digital online communications.

You agree and understand that the transmission, routing, provisions of connections, or storage is carried out by an automatic technical process.

The member, you, not the site creator or must select the origination and destination points of all and any communications. This includes, but not limited to pictures, videos, comments and other forms of communication. This ensures your intentions and privacy.

You agree and understand that the site does not modify any communications by the member. Further you agree and understand that if it appears that your communication has been altered as you originally intended, it is the member's responsibility to delete the aforementioned communication and report it to the site creator at

You agree and understand that the communication is transmitted through the uploader on the site As such, all communications must meet with the terms of use as stated in in the terms of use. It is your obligation and as such, that you have read this disclosure and terms of service both for this site and that of the platform.

It is your obligation to delete your content and membership of the site should you willfully or unintentionally violate the aforementioned. Any violation, willfully or unintentionally will be deemed a breach of the terms of service and your membership will be deleted and banned unless determined otherwise by a reasonable assessment of the violation.

You agree and understand that no copy of the communication(s) is/are maintained on the system or network in a manner ordinarily accessible to anyone other than anticipated recipients; and

No copy is maintained on the system or network in a manner ordinarily accessible to anticipated recipients for a longer period than is reasonably necessary for the transmission, routing and provision of connections.


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